Vision Insurance – Factors to Keep in Mind

Vision insurance is something most people are not aware of, but if you or your family members wear contact lenses or eye glasses, then it would be worthwhile to look into an group or individual vision insurance plan.

You can either procure the plan from your employer through the employee insurance schemes, or buy it directly from an insurance provider. You will have to check with your employer if you are eligible for such insurance, and if so, what all benefits will it include.

In most vision insurance packages, the range of benefits includes routine eye exams, a portion of the cost of services at an optician, and even some surgical procedures such as LASIK, etc. While many plans include free eye exams, in some, you may be required to pay an upfront co-payment. Eye surgery can be prohibitively expensive, so if you are considering going under the knife in the near future, pick a plan that includes some discount on eye surgery.

Optician’s costs can burn a deep hole in your pockets. Therefore, it is recommended that you get a plan that covers at least 25-50% of these costs.

When you are out shopping for a group or individual vision insurance plan, take some time to evaluate your needs. If you are the only one with vision problems in your family, you may not need an expensive plan that provides more benefits than you may ever need. If you are in your later years and know for a fact that your vision will only get poorer with age, a well rounded plan with plenty of benefits would do you good. If poor eye sight runs in the family, then you should strive to get as much protection as possible.

Insurance is about getting the assurance of safety and comfort in case of a medical issue. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick a plan that provides you with a safety net and doesn’t cost the earth.