Vision Insurance Considerations

Like all medical related costs, vision costs have soared in the last decade, particularly in the last 5-years. Today, as the economy tightens many health care plans do not include optometry or vision care. Even prescription glasses or contacts can cost a bundle and on top of that you will be hit for the eye examinations that go along with them, these can cost a pretty penny these days. If you have a large family or you need your eyes to earn a living, you really cannot be without eye care or vision insurance.

Some company health care plans allow you to add vision insurance onto your policy even if your policy excludes it. If you are self-employed or your company or employment has no plan or plans available, then you may wish to consider a PPO or preferred provider policy. You might also think about joining an HMO or health maintenance organization. If you need to get laser eye surgery for any family member then having a PPO plan might save you a bundle as those surgeries are not cheap.

Of course, you will have to shop around as there are countless types of coverages and the prices vary quite a bit too. Some plans have monthly premiums and a membership fee, while some waive the sign-p fee. They generally come with deductibles, but not all. Having vision insurance could save you from catastrophe, as many eye conditions end up cost huge sums of money and can easily put the average family in debt or ruin their financial situation for years to come. So, please shop around and consider your options very carefully.