Tips to Get Great Vision But With Help From Insurance

Anyone who has ever had trouble with their eyes will know the discomfort of having to constantly wear spectacles or contact lenses all the time. Sports and other pastimes are difficult since the glasses or lenses have to be taken along and taken care of. With the advent of Lasik surgery, many people are now able to live their lives without these bothersome accoutrements. But the cost is on the high side so many people are now using vision coverage in their insurance contracts to counteract the cost. Vision plans reduce the rate charged for this eye surgery by quite some degree bringing it well within the reach for the average working person.

The surgery is quite simple in itself. What it concerns is the surface of the eyeball itself. Most people are born with eyeballs that are perfectly round on both planes. This means that the retina, the seeing part of the eye, is looking through that surface on a perfect ninety degree angle. Some unfortunate souls are born with eyes that are slightly ovoid, egg shaped, on one or both planes. This then means that the retina is looking through a slanted surface which in turn distorts the sight.

The eye is measured very carefully and a plan to excise the unwanted cells on the front of the eye is worked out. A laser literally slices the cells off the surface leaving a perfectly flat space for the retina to do its job properly. Although this procedure is quite complex on paper, it actually is a quick procedure done under local anesthetic while the patient is awake. After several days of drops and rest the patient should be able to see much better than he did before.

Of course, some people will not get perfect vision after this style of operation but they will enjoy a better degree of vision without a doubt. Spectacles, if they still have to be worn, will be of a lesser strength and weight which gives some relief at least.

Coverage by insurance is also quite easy. Most people who have a normal health insurance through their company will be able to add a rider onto this for as little as fifty cents per month. This then allows them access to a list of approved surgeons who can carry out this kind of operation. Their charges normally range about one thousand dollars less than those who are not on the approved list.

Of course, the patient can pick and choose any doctor that they want to do the operation and there are still savings to be had. However, using one of the surgeons on the list is probably the highest savings.

This service becomes even more important if the patient has family members because these are also covered by the insurance scheme. If two or three members avail themselves of this service then the savings are extremely high. For the sake of a few dollars per year, this must be one of the bargains of the century!