EMS and Fire Department Billing Solutions, Help in the Midst of Chaos

Chaos is hard to control. Working in the medical industry, including EMS and fire department, may be filled with chaos everyday with patients; if not patients, then paperwork to catch up on billing. News reports show some patients don’t receive ambulance billing until well after trips to the hospital. The amount of time between hospital visits and making a payment goes so far that patients potentially forget they are in debt. While ambulance billing services controls the status of patient’s bills; yet, I don’t see anyone is at fault or to blame. It’s just chaos. EMS and fire departments have help available to them. Third parties are often being added into the chaos to keep it from spreading and get things organized.

EMS billing gathers current charges, reimbursements, and compliance resources per account. This gives a better understanding of the business that has been going on. This is pre-dispatch work. There are various departments billing companies’ work through, such as data import, insurance, coding, or pre-collection. Agencies struggling to process bills and other paper work should consider ways to reduce administrative costs and optimize revenue. There are a few billing ways that help the chaos. Beyond pre-dispatch services, consultations can be utilized throughout your contract with an independent party. Aside from the paper work, an ambulance billing company focuses on full compliance, patient care and manageability. Meaning they will do more for you than organize. They want agencies to be involved in the process where you know and have access to all necessary information to manage EMS operations.

It’s not often society associates the fire department with ambulances; yet alone include the fire department with medical industry as I did above. I guess I’m correlating them in the sense of that they are apart of rescuing teams. Fire service billing is an option for municipal offices experiencing budget challenges. As this happens around the country, alternative funding sources are needed to fulfill that financial void. So fire department billing collects department services like hazardous materials, specialty rescue, fire suppression, and motor vehicle accident response and extrications. For both EMS and fire department billing, third party company’s services are all encompassing. They bill the correct party, collect payments and keep full track of every transaction for your viewing needs as well. When it’s all said and done, it’s still your agency’s responsibility to know about the right accounts. Billing solutions are there for support and getting paperwork organized.