Is Dental Treatment Covered in Group Health Insurance?

What Is Group Health Insurance? 

Group health insurance is a package of health insurance plans which covers the group of people offered by plum insurance. 🏥 Such people can be a group of employees or a family member. The insurance is a benefit or bonus given by an employer, and under such plans the amount of premium is borne by the employer himself.

Group insurance plans have benefits for both the employer and the employee. They help employers with employee retention, save taxes, motivate employees, and incur lesser costs than other health insurance plans, among many other benefits. Employees can get their diseases treated right from the beginning, with group plans providing the facility of coverage of infinite diseases, covering maternity costs, etc.

What Is The Need For Dental Health Insurance In Group Health Insurance? 

The insurance which covers all the dental expenses is called dental health insurance. 🦷

Most health insurance plans do not cover dental care and treatments. But Plum Insurance covers all the expenses related to dental care in their group plans. There are some points explained below that describe the need for dental cover:

  • Dental treatments are costly because they are time-consuming and need visits more than 3-4 days a month for extraction, setup, etc.
  • OPD treatments are also covered under dental treatment, which are very in-demand treatments, accounting for 62% of total health care costs.
  • Dental diseases affect hundreds of people; more than 3.9 million are affected annually.

Benefits Of Dental Treatment That Covered In Group Medical Insurance ⚡️

  • Helps in maintaining dental health

Dental health is as crucial as other health issues. If your dental health is not good, it will become a severe oral health issue in the future. Group insurance plans include dental treatments that can help prevent critical dental issues. People won’t wait and ignore dental issues and instead get timely treatment if it is included in their insurance coverage.

  • Cut off dental expenses

Dental expenses are the most expensive due to their innovative treatment method over different setups. If dental treatments are included in health insurance plans, it will cut off dental-related expenses and save money.

  • Covers all the expenses of health 🤑

Dental treatments help maintain standards if included in the health insurance plans. People get coverage beyond the standard if the scheme covers all the dental and OPD treatments in health insurance. People benefit from particular health insurance with OPD cover and including other dental care treatments.

  • Saves tax like corporate insurance plans

The premium amount paid by the insurer or policyholder will save annual taxes. Insurance plans give mental and physical benefits plus financial benefits too. Group covering dental care and OPD treatment will lead to a higher premium amount. The higher the premium, the lower the tax. So, these plans also help you save on taxes.

  • Some additional benefits

Some complementary benefits are attached to health insurance and group plans, such as day-care check-ups, hospitalization in case of illness, COVID-19 diagnoses, no room rents, complimentary health check-ups, and many more.

Coverage Of Dental Insurance In India 

Only a few companies cover dental treatments in their group health insurance plans in our country, such as Plum Insurance. Plum Insurance covers all the treatment related to dental and OPD in their existing insurance plans. Different dental insurance plans with different amounts of premium are available. Dental treatments are among the most expensive and usually account for 67% of the average person’s total income.

Dental care and treatment covered by health insurance plans will help the insuree save taxes. There are many other benefits of dental insurance coverage, such as helping maintain dental health with regular check-ups, cutting off dental expenses, and many more.

Conclusion 🔥

Dental treatment is one of the most expensive treatments you could get. Such treatments are required at regular intervals. Plum Insurance offers a comprehensive range of group medical insurance plans that also cover dental treatments.

The demand for health insurance policies is rising day by day due to the vast expenses incurred when individuals resort to medical treatment. Companies that offer add-on treatments with the existing policy will be more in demand. Group cover help individuals save on taxes and come with a slew of other health financial benefits.

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