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Day: September 25, 2021

Personal Property

Laws Concerning Selling Migratory Birds, Raptors, and Their Parts

As appraisers how often have we heard "can I sell this duck mount?"Being a Taxidermist I have had the occasional call asking if I can mount a hawk or a song bird that flew into a window or a car. After explaining the basics of the law they hang up never to be heard from again.Here is the answer to that question and maybe some other ones that will pop up regarding song birds, waterfowl and raptors.Migratory birds cover most any bird including ducks, swans, and loons etc... crows, woodcocks, snipes, song birds, and Raptors including hawks, eagles, and owls etc...Initially, an international agreement was signed Aug. 16, 1916, between the United States, Great Britain and Canada, the Treaty needed implementing through legislation. President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law July 3, 1918.The bas...
Auto Insurance

Do You Need a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy? You Sure Do

The newspapers tell us about the lawsuit stories on a daily basis: cases where the jury awards multi-million dollars for injuries and even death resulting from car, home or boating accidents.If you are like others who have not acquired sufficient liability coverage, you could face catastrophic losses from any number of accidents. This can result in your and your family's financial ruin.What is the solution? Umbrella insurance protects you together with your current auto, home or boat coverage by providing further protection that kicks in once your other limitations exhaust.The Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy: a Loose DefinitionWorking as a catastrophic prevention plan, the personal umbrella policy covers you and your family from liability in the event a jury decides to award others and ...
Auto Insurance

Car Insurance – Cushion Huge Expenses and a Legal Protection

A car has become a basic need of families now-a-days. You can see many small, big, different models and companies cars rushed on the road around all the cities. We all know that a good car comes under a luxury item and no one wants to spend money on this on daily basis. Could you afford to buy a new car because one you had damaged or stolen? Yes answer is most of the people can't. So there is a solution to protect your favorite and needed car- the car insurance.What is car insurance?It is a type of a contract between the car owner and insurance company. In this contract car owner pays the premium and the insurance company pays the losses or theft of car. A car is often a high expense and you want to insulate it. So insure your car and feel safe to roam around!It repairs all types of damage...
Personal Property

My Taxidermy Mounts Are Worth Less Than When I Purchased Them, Maybe Not

The question came up the other day "I purchased all my taxidermy mounts in the 80s so why do I need an appraisal? All I have to do is add up the receipts to figure out what I can deduct from my taxes." This statement could be very wrong and cause future problems.IRS Form 526 states "If you donate taxidermy property to a qualified organization, your deduction is limited to your basis in the property or its fair market value, whichever is less. This applies if you prepared, stuffed, or mounted the property or paid or incurred the cost of preparing, stuffing, or mounting the property. Your basis for this purpose includes only the cost of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the property. Your basis does not include transportation or travel costs".IRS Form 526 states original purchase price or fa...
Personal Property

Happy Valuables Day!

According to, Americans spend approximately $4.4 billion on diamonds, gold and silver for Valentines Day. That's a lot of valuables! What most people don't do, is spend the few extra dollars it costs to properly insure or protect those valuable items.Homeowners policies limit coverage on items such as jewelry and watches for the peril of theft to as little as $1,000. Most households have much more jewelry than this so consideration needs to be given to how much you own and if you want to transfer the risk of loss to your insurance company or by other means. Here are a few options to consider for keeping your valuables safe and/ or mitigating financial loss if stolen:ยท Obtain a "Floater" policy also known as an "Inland Marine" policy. If you have just purchased the item for Valentin...

Affordable Vision Benefit Plans For Everyone

The most wonderful things in this nature can be viewed only with our eyes. You can utilize them to a great extent in making your life meaningful. Eye contact can be used in bringing attention of the public and making an impression on them. So, it is important that you maintain proper eyes/eye sight by taking proper vision care.It can be clearly understood from the studies that many people give importance to the physical health and ignore taking care of their eyes. But, it has been clearly understood that at least a single eye care examination annually would be helpful in maintaining a proper eye sight which would be of vital importance in evaluating and correcting any problems pertaining to the vision. This is more particular to adults because the probability of developing vision problems ...